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You’re not Dragons’ Den material – yet.

You have the secret glimmer of an idea which just might turn into a brainwave. It’s been recurring in your mind and wont go away. The more you think of it, the more ideas and ways to go about it come to mind. Enthusiasm builds. You’re sure it would succeed.

If only… and then your heart takes a dive. This is all pie in the sky. It will never work, because you have no money. You’re deep in debt, life has kicked you in the teeth, you’re at rock bottom. Or you’ve tried so many different ideas which have come to nought, you wonder if you have the get-go to do it all over again.

It’s no use even dreaming…

Dreaming! That is the magic word!


INTRIGUED?  I've news for you - the book will be published later this year, courtesy of my wonderful publishers, Crooked Cat Books!














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